What’s New in Microsoft 365 for Students in 2022?

Education has been hugely impacted by the pandemic with hybrid and remote classes becoming the norm in schools and universities. Students have to be prepared for short notice changes thanks to closures due to illness and self-isolation, and even extreme weather. Luckily, Microsoft technology is available to ensure everyone can learn and produce amazing work, whatever that may be. Read on to explore updates to Microsoft 365 for students to become their best…

What’s New in Microsoft Teams in June 2022

It’s that time again – Microsoft has announced its June updates, to continue building out the hybrid work world. The goal is to ensure Teams is more inclusive, accessible and connected. This includes updates to meetings, chat and calling. Read on to discover what’s new in the Microsoft Teams June update… A big inclusivity development is the multi-language option within meeting invites. This allows you to display the ‘Join’ information in a meeting invite in up to two languages across all email

An Introduction To Microsoft Viva Insights

Over the past few years, the world has seen an increase in burnout as people feel more disconnected from colleagues as a result of hybrid working. People who work at home may also struggle to disconnect from work, continuing outside of business hours and not getting enough rest and recuperation after the day has ended. It is important to protect not only your time at work, but your wellbeing too, in order to avoid burnout, succeed in your personal and professional goals.

NEW: Microsoft Announces Viva Goals

Over the past few years, we have seen our ways of working become more hybrid as a result of the pandemic. Organisations and employees have had to adapt to a brand-new world and at the forefront, there has been a big shift to focus on the employee experience – ensuring everyone feels well supported, valued and don’t burn out. Employees now want to feel more connected, aligned to their organisation’s purpose/mission, and they want to grow, make an impact and a difference.

Teams Vs Yammer: What To Use And When?

In our hybrid workplace, we have been utilising different ways of collaborating and communicating. Within many organisations, workers have been getting stuck into both Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Whilst there are similarities between the two, the tools have different strengths that can be used for different needs within the organisations. This article will explore the tools, which one to use for what purpose, and how they can work together.

Why You Should Build An M365 Digital Learning Team

In our hybrid world of work, technology is more important than ever before and staying on top of new updates or launches is vital to the success of businesses. Many organisations have already begun a digital transition, using Microsoft Teams for their meetings and document storage for example, but may not be fully experienced in the ins and outs of different apps or how they can work together, therefore can’t support colleagues to the highest extent.

How To Engage Employees With Microsoft Viva Topics

We’ve all faced this problem before – you’re doing some work and need to find out more about some specific terminology that you’ve never heard of. Usually in this instance, you would go and search online for answers, or perhaps contact colleagues to find out more about it. This can take time, distract from what you’re doing and be a bit of a hassle. Microsoft Viva Topics solves this issue, elevating your employee experience ...

How Changing Social Set The Standard For Employee Experience

Life has changed dramatically over the last 2 years – we went from working in offices every day to working permanently from home and now, for many of us, we are embracing hybridity – partial home working, partial office working. This change has led to a lot of feelings of disconnect, unease and lack of motivation – causing a huge increase in burnout globally. A recent study found that 85% of workers say their wellbeing has declined, while 56% have found their job demands have increased.

Top 7 New Yammer Features in 2022

Use of Yammer is on the up, with more and more organisations making the most of this enterprise social networking tool for their communications, internal socialising, events and more. As it continues to grow, Microsoft has released some updates to make it easier to use and more accessible. Read on to explore these new Yammer features a bit more and give them a try yourself. Have you ever seen a comment on a post that is particularly useful?...

How to Engage Employees With Viva Connections

Over the past few years, the pandemic has revolutionised the way we work – as millions of us have begun to work from home, either full time or part time, the lack of disconnect between work and home life has led to increased feelings of isolation as we do not see our colleagues face-to-face. Burnout has also been on the rise as a result of over working and lack of community, among other things. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure you engage employees & colleagues alike...

What is Microsoft Viva Learning? Create a Culture of Learning

You may have already seen our blogs exploring Microsoft Viva – exploring how to improve the employee experience, what Viva Connections or Viva Topics are. Another of the new additions is Microsoft Viva Learning, which removes the traditional obstacles found in an organisation by making learning a natural part of the day and creating a culture of learning. This serves to help build a better and more engaged culture within an organisation.
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